Performing Arts

Performing arts camps are more than just a platform for children to explore their artistic talents. They are incubators for life skills. Children learn the art of expression, develop self-confidence, and enhance their social skills. These camps foster creativity, encourage teamwork, and teach resilience as students navigate through rehearsals and performances.

Kinesis Dance
Kinesis Dance, located in Boulder, offers a vibrant environment where children can explore various dance forms. Their summer camps focus on creativity and movement, allowing kids to discover dance through a fun and educational approach. The program encourages self-expression and physical fitness, providing a comprehensive dance experience. Visit for more information.

The Longmont Theatre Company
At The Longmont Theatre Company, children are immersed in the world of drama and performance. Their camps provide hands-on experiences in acting, set design, and stage management, nurturing the next generation of theatre enthusiasts. The programs emphasize teamwork and creativity, making it an ideal setting for aspiring actors and behind-the-scenes wizards. Learn more at

Colorado Music Festival
The Colorado Music Festival in Lafayette is a haven for young musicians. Their camps offer an immersive experience in music education, performance and appreciation. Students engage with professional musicians, learn about various musical genres, and perform in ensemble settings. It’s a perfect blend of education and enjoyment for music lovers. Visit for details.

Colorado Conservatory of Dance
Broomfield’s Colorado Conservatory of Dance provides a nurturing environment for aspiring dancers. Their programs focus on technical skills while fostering a love for dance. The camps cover various styles, offering something for every dance enthusiast. Emphasizing discipline and creativity, it’s a place where dance dreams take flight. More information can be found at

Airborne in Longmont combines the thrill of gymnastics with the creativity of dance. Their camps are designed to improve physical fitness, coordination and flexibility, all within a fun and supportive atmosphere. Children learn to set goals and achieve them, building confidence along the way. Visit for more.

Production Company Dance Centre
This renowned dance centre offers comprehensive programs that cover a wide range of dance styles. Their camps are focused on skill development, artistic expression and performance. Students are encouraged to explore their creativity while learning about dance history and technique. For more details, visit

Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids
The Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids is a unique platform in Boulder for young aspiring actors. The camp provides an opportunity for children to delve into the world of theatre, from acting to scriptwriting, set design to stage management. It’s a nurturing space for creativity and self-expression. Learn more at

CU Presents
CU Presents in Boulder offers a range of performing arts experiences, from theatre to dance and music. Their camps provide an educational yet fun environment where children can learn and grow as performers. The diverse programming ensures that there’s something for every young artist. Visit for more information.

A Summer of Growth and Memories
Enrolling your child in a performing arts camp in Boulder County means giving them an opportunity to grow in myriad ways. These camps are not just about learning to dance, act or play an instrument; they are about cultivating life skills that will benefit children long after the summer ends. The friendships forged, the confidence built, and the memories made will indeed be treasures that last a lifetime.

As parents consider the various options available, they can rest assured that each of these local programs offers a unique blend of artistic exploration and personal development. Whether your child is drawn to the rhythm of dance, the allure of the stage, or the harmony of music, there’s a camp waiting to welcome them into a world of creativity and fun.

In Boulder County, the summer is set to be a season of artistic discovery and growth. The performing arts camps stand ready to open their doors to the next generation of artists, offering experiences that will shape their lives in profound and joyful ways.