Rob Anderson, Superintendent, Boulder Valley School District

Rob Anderson, Superintendent, Boulder Valley School District

Welcome Back to School, BVSD!

Every new school year is filled with opportunity. I am exceptionally excited to not only welcome students and staff back to class this fall, but to see what they accomplish during the 2022-2023 school year.

As you likely know, the Boulder Valley School District has long been a leader in education here in Colorado – known for its rigorous instruction and resulting excellence our graduates are able to achieve.

Our students have become state leaders, federal judges, outstanding actors, journalists, musicians and athletes. We are incredibly proud that three astronauts have launched their careers from BVSD high schools, including Jessica Watkins (Fairview ‘06) who is currently at the International Space Station, Jack Fischer, (Centaurus ‘92) and Scott Carpenter (Boulder ‘43).

There is no question – a BVSD diploma can open doors, so that students can reach for the stars

We, however, are not willing to stop there. In order to be the best school district in America, we must ensure that every BVSD student has the same opportunity to succeed – and that they have the experiences, before leaving school, that allows them to excel in whatever career they choose.

The systemic changes made by Boulder Valley School District’s All Together for All Students Strategic Plan are producing results. Directing additional support to our schools with the greatest needs is paying off. We are seeing promising improvements at Alicia Sanchez Elementary in Lafayette, Columbine Elementary in Boulder and Kohl Elementary in Broomfield. This is thanks to hard work at these schools aimed at strengthening our school leaders and educators and a focus on data-driven instruction.

Data provides us with an important mirror allowing us to ensure that we are delivering rigorous instruction that Ignites students’ love for learning and Equips them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Our new Grad Plus provides them with opportunities while they are learning and growing in our schools to Soar after graduation.

We will be encouraging every student to pursue one or more of the following: College Credit, Industry Certification, Work-Based Experience and the Seal of Biliteracy.

We know these four assets will give our students an advantage as they compete on the world stage for the college and careers of their choice.

I especially want to call attention to the Seal of Biliteracy. About a quarter of our student body comes from Spanish-speaking households. We know that their ability to speak two languages can be an incredibly valuable asset for them after school – a true super power. For this reason, we are working to strengthen and extend our dual language programs, so more of our students graduate truly bilingual and biliterate.

I’m proud of the progress we’ve made so far – and am excited about where we plan to go.

At BVSD we are #AllTogetherforAllStudents. Together, we can achieve amazing outcomes for our students, families and communities.


Rob Anderson
Boulder Valley School District