Chris Gdowski, Superintendent

Moving Onward

In 2009 I was honored to accept the position of Superintendent of Adams 12 Five Star Schools. Nearly 11 years later, I am still honored and more committed than ever to serve the district I grew up in despite the unprecedented COVID-19 challenge. As a district, we face hard decisions as we navigate the difficult scenario of educating our children in the midst of a pandemic. But our challenge is not unlike all of our challenges – as parents and caregivers, employees and citizens. We all face uncertainty that weighs upon us as we think about the road ahead. Regardless of how the year unfolds, we want the same for your child as you do – a safe learning environment where students can innovate, achieve and succeed through high-quality instruction in every classroom (in-person or virtual), every day. We are steadfastly committed to keeping your children and loved ones safe as we strive to educate in unknown scenarios.

In times like this, we are reminded that public schools are not simply about learning our ABCs. We exist to serve the community by providing quality education for all students regardless of zip code with full tummies for focused learning and social-emotional growth. Despite the unknowns surrounding the ever-changing dynamics of the Coronavirus, we look ahead to a new school year where we can continue to elevate student success regardless of learning formats. As we plan for the year, we focus on our five district strengths that drive our work and community: care, collaborate, engage, empower and focus on students.

This summer we have shown care by providing nearly 800,000 free meals for Five Star families with additional resources and supports throughout the summer.

We have collaborated with neighboring districts, Tri-County Health Department, Broomfield Public Health and Environment, the Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to work through every detail as we plan for this coming year.

In June, we engaged more than 300 staff (teachers, school and district support staff, school principals), parents (in English and Spanish) and students through focus groups to provide feedback and share considerations on how we might best serve all students this year.

We have empowered our leaders to envision a new online learning opportunity for families. Five Star Online is an online learning track available to all families regardless of the learning model we choose for the fall. It is a tuition-free K-12 option offering 100 percent virtual classes taught by Five Star Schools teachers.

In the end, we have focused on students by working tirelessly this summer, in 16 subcommittees of teachers, classified staff, school administrators and district staff, to ensure every detail has been considered and viewpoints heard as we made final decisions on how to serve each and every student in our care.

Last school year did not end how we had hoped and we know we have a difficult year ahead, but I am confident that we will continue to come together as a community to ensure that we elevate student success no matter the learning environment. I invite you to learn more about our plans at

I look forward to working with you as we move onward, together.

Chris Gdowski
Adams 12 Five Star Schools