Rob Anderson, Superintendent

Back Together BVSD

I have been in education for 24 years and this Back to School is unlike any other that I’ve ever experienced. As we approach the new school year, school districts across the nation are grappling with the best way to support students, while keeping our children, employees and communities safe.

We know in this time of great uncertainty that our public schools play an extremely important role. Beyond educating students, we are the center where our communities come together on a daily basis. Many of our students rely on our schools for warm meals, shelter, the loving support of teachers and staff that care deeply for them and much-needed social interaction with their peers.

Throughout this crisis, BVSD has been there. During the Stay at Home order, our educators found new ways to deliver instruction and support their students online. We have provided students with supplies, computers and internet access – so they could succeed in this new virtual world. And we have provided families with more than a half a million meals over the past six months, hand-delivering them, if necessary, to ensure that no family goes hungry.

It is this level of dedication and commitment that you can expect from the Boulder Valley School District in the coming school year.

While we do not know what the pandemic will bring, our 5-Phase Back Together BVSD reintroduction plan provides the flexibility needed to meet whatever challenge may come. Additionally, we are committed to continuous improvement. Over the summer, we have worked to respond to feedback from our families and educators, by improving our systems and developing resources to support our teachers, so we can better serve students regardless of which phase we are in.

While we are looking forward to a day when school can return to normal, you can count on the Boulder Valley School District to continue its leadership and relentless pursuit of excellence and equity.

To BVSD families, thank you for continuing to support and partnership, especially with your school and teachers that you know and love this fall. We are excited to come #BackTogetherBVSD.

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Rob Anderson
Boulder Valley School District