Take pleasure in watching your kids improve academically. (Photo courtesy: Tutor Doctor of Northern Colorado).

Forget about the hassle and headache of making sure your student is up to par in all their academics. Isn’t it true that so much time and effort goes into parental homework help, only for it to end in tears and frustration, with no progress to celebrate? Save precious family time and let the caring and proficient pros at the Tutor Doctor of Northern Colorado do all the work so you can relax and enjoy your kids. Take pleasure in watching your kids improve and accomplish so much academically, all because the very structure and set-up of the Tutor Doctor of Northern Colorado far surpasses any other tutoring service in the area and maybe in the nation.

Franchise owner, Jay Stype loves how so many kids are thriving in his programs. He hires and trains only the cream of the crop and expects top performance from his tutors. Of all the tutoring services in the Northern Colorado area, Tutor Doctor is the only one that sends tutors directly into homes. All services can also be offered through online portals, especially during this unsure time.

Another characteristic that makes Tutor Doctor stand out is variety of private, semi-private and small group tutoring options. Students from the same schools (or district), same grade, same age and same curriculum can be partnered in small groups for tutoring sessions. These pods can be in-person or online, and they are flexible and accommodating.

Don’t hesitate, call Jay now and set-up your student’s first session. “What’s different about us is, students get the same tutor for every session, unlike most center based tutoring services.” Consistency is important in a young person’s life and Tutor Doctor of Northern Colorado offers that-and so much more. Let Tutor Doctor take the stress out of homework and tests this fall.

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By Katie Feindel for Raised in the Rockies