At Camp Kind there is an opportunity to have a blast and learn the ‘art’ of giving back, volunteerism and philanthropy. (Photo: Camp Kind)

Summer camp is a highlight of any kid’s year. The school year can be demanding and summer is the one 11-week break from the rigors of structure and demands. Some kids go to camp to hone and refine a skill or hobby, while others just go for recreation. Some of the fondest memories of childhood are from camp. Camp is also a place where kids can relax and let their hair down. But, what if there were a camp that offered more? At Camp Kind there is an opportunity to have a blast and learn the ‘art’ of giving back, volunteerism and philanthropy.

Camp Director, Benjy Brackman, created this dynamic concept of Camp Kind 7 years ago. Benjy feels strongly about the camp’s role in the life of a child and teen: “Here at Camp Kind, we offer fun and a purpose. It is a learning opportunity that carries over into the kids’ adult life. So often, a child’s and teen’s summer break is just about learning new skills and having fun, but what we teach is that a child can find satisfaction in giving to others. It’s more than just taking them to a food bank to volunteer, but that’s part of it. It’s teaching the kids that they can have an impact and contribute to a person’s well-being through acts of kindness.” But, don’t be fooled, what Benjy and his staff are implementing is set in fun activities for the kids too, like exciting trips, sports, crazy hat day—and so much more!

All in all, Camp Kind is a great choice for any youth. When so much of being young in today’s society is about having a good time, accomplishment and pride in self, Camp Kind offers a fun, hands-on experience that influences character development—the kind that lasts a lifetime. When asked how this one camp experience impacts a young person’s life, Mr. Brackman said, “The exposure to the many charity organizations where the campers volunteer, teaches the children about the impact a non-profit has on the community. It also offers the campers the opportunity to consider volunteering on their own or with their parents during the year, and in their adult life, when they can offer additional services and skills including being philanthropically involved in the community”.

To find out more about Camp Kind, go to their website at The camp is for ages 5-15 and teens break off in their own group. It’s an excellent growth experience for any youth and the website features tons of information and photos. Consider sending your youth to Camp Kind and you will be investing in them. Like the Whitney Houston song says, “…the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way…”

By Katie Feindel