Camp Adventure Buddies. (Photo: Broomfield UMC).

Faith-based camps are especially meaningful for young people because they allow for the development of spirituality and friendships within faith groups. “Faith-based activities help children feel valued, worthy, and supported by God and a loving community,” says Karen Smith, communications coordinator for Broomfield United Methodist Church (UMC). “Kids are grounded in a faith connection to develop healthy self-esteem, strong social relationships, and are given practical tools to overcome the ups and downs of life with confidence. ”

Amanda Mason, marketing director for Longmont Christian School, adds that steeping your child in a Christian education year-round will sharpen their faith and understanding of the gospel. “Our summer activities help to combine faith and fun for children, and our teachers and program directors teach the whole child: mind, body, and spirit,” she says.

Furthermore, a faith-based camp doesn’t ignore all the traditional fun of summer camps. In fact, in our region, your child can choose from a variety of camps that celebrate their faith alongside learning culinary skills, exploring fine art and drama, honing sport skills, or playing musical instruments in a band. Whatever your child’s interests, they can explore them within a safe and supportive religious environment at our region’s high-quality summer camps. Here are the details:

Band Camp. (Photo: Longmont Christian School).

Camp Adventure Buddies at Broomfield UMC
Located in Broomfield, the Broomfield United Methodist Church (UMC) features four week-long summer camps for ages 6 to 11. These include Kid’s Culinary Week beginning June 20; Kid’s Fine Art Festival beginning June 27; Summer on Stage beginning July 11; and Wide World of Sports beginning July 18. For more information, visit

Longmont Christian School
Longmont Christian School offers two summer camps in Longmont. These include the All-Star Summer Band Camp for 4th to 8th graders from June 6 through June 29, and the Sports Camp and Vacation Bible School for 3rd to 6th graders from June 1 through June 3. Registration for Band Camp is due by May 20 and registration for Sports Camp/VBS is due by May 18. For more information visit

By Emma Castleberry