(Photo: SewBo).

Culinary Camp at Broomfield United Methodist Church

(Photo: Broomfield United Methodist Church).

Activities like sewing, pottery and cooking allow children to exercise their creativity and generate projects they can feel proud of. Check out some of the many creative arts opportunities for kids in Boulder County.

At Broomfield United Methodist Church (UMC), the summer camp schedule includes a Kids Fine Arts Festival Camp and a Culinary Camp, which this year is themed around the Great American Barbecue. “This year the campers will be learning how to make potato salad and coleslaw, homemade ice cream, and learn how to make homemade hamburger buns,” says Sara Godwin, director of summer camps at Broomfield UMC.

“While learning how to prepare the various foods, the campers will also be learning fun facts about the country represented.” In the Fine Arts Festival Camp, children will focus on the artistic stylings of a variety of famous artists including Yayoi Kusama, Pablo Picasso, Jeff Koons, Wassily Kandinsky, and Ansel Adams. “Art campers learn to appreciate that art is all around them and that there are many different ways to define art, how to recognize colors and shapes, and how to experiment and learn about which styles and materials pleases them,” says Godwin. “They will be allowed to use their imaginations and appreciate that true art isn’t defined by what is wrong or right but by how it makes one feel.”

Jordan Martindell, owner of SewBo, hosts weekly, half-day sewing summer camps for children ages 7 to 15. “Sewing provides an opportunity for kids to interact with a machine in a creative way while learning a skill that will serve them for years,” says Martindell. “Sewing is also incredibly unique as it provides a true creative mental break for kids and adults, as it is nearly impossible to sew while letting your mind wander. Kids must be focused and engaged with both their body and mind resulting in a mental focus that improves mental health, confidence, and creative expression.” Themes for SewBo’s summer camps range from “Sew for a Sleepover” to “Make Your Own Clothes” to “Get Ready for Summer Camp.”

At Studio Arts Boulder, two summer camps allow children the opportunity to explore the tactile visual art of pottery. “In our hand-building camp, best suited for kids between the ages of six and nine, campers will learn the basics of ceramics, and experiment with building functional pottery as well as creative sculpture,” says marketing associate Taylyn Carrizal. “Our wheel-throwing camp is designed for kids between the ages of eight and 16, and is open to all skill levels. Here, campers will be able to grow in wheel-throwing, trimming, and glazing.”

Regardless of which camp your child takes part in, they’ll be experiencing a multitude of social, emotional, and physical wellness benefits from artistic engagement. “Self-expression through hands-on art helps foster personal agency and emotional awareness by allowing kids to make something tangible, that is their own and represents their unique perspective of the world,” says Carrizal.

> For more information or to register for camps, visit broomfieldumc.org, sewboco.com, and studioartsboulder.org.

By Emma Castleberry, Raised in the Rockies